The Plan

At this point it’s probably worth running through the plan for the week. The plan is…well…there is no plan. At least not for the ‘week’. I intend to use the same strategy as I do when travelling round the US: know what you’re doing for the next 1.5 days and, beyond that, have an rough idea of what you’d like to see but nothing booked. This allows you to be flexible and, depending on how you feel at any point in time, you’re free to extend or reduce the scope of what you’re gong to do.

The key thing with this approach is that you always, always have to be aware of your exit strategy. In the US that is a booked flight back to the UK at a specific time in a specific airport. Whatever happens in the interim, you have to make that connection.
For this trip the ‘hard finish’ is midnight on the 20th December and the location is Long Eaton. That’s when the ‘all-line’ rover expires and I don’t want to be in Aberdeen when it does!
So, in line with the above, I know where I’m staying tonight (initially in London, but more on that later), and I know where I’m staying tomorrow (a small hotel in Edinburgh). After that, who knows, although I’ll probably be heading south.



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