DPR of Devon

Earlier in the week I discussed at some length the issues surrounding Scottish independence. That’s a question that won’t be settled any time soon. If you narrow your focus to England however, every ten years or so there is a mini ‘movement’ which promotes the cause for Cornish independence. It’s usually a similar argument – Cornwall is a long way from London and the Cornish people aren’t always sure that the politicians in Westminster adequately represent their views and opinions. (It could be argued that this is the case for most English regions, but let’s not go there!)

Cornish independence is therefore something that most people are familiar with. But what about Devon? You never hear about that.

The Democratic People’s Republic of Devon. 

It has a nice ring to it.

Apart from the inevitable hundred-years war with Cornwall, I can’t really see any downsides to a Devonian state. In fact, I’d be one of the first in the queue at the immigration office. Every time I’ve been to Devon it’s been the same: wonderful countryside, welcoming people, excellent food, warm hospitality and some of the best cider in the world. Who wouldn’t want to live here?
I think I’d do ok on the Devonian citizenship test. I’m confident I’ve mastered the ‘proper’ order to apply the clotted cream and jam in when preparing a cream tea and I have an improving knowledge of the local geography. I’ll admit that, being a Londoner by birth, I might struggle on some of the agricultural questions and I’m not entirely up to speed on Devonian history – but I’m sure these are things that can be rectified with time. The only issue may be that I’ve spent a fair bit of time holidaying the the Scilly Isles, which are technically Cornwall, but I think I could argue the case that they are far-removed from the central Cornish regime.
So how about it Devon? Is it time to break free from the shackles of London (and Cornwall) and go it alone? Let me know.
On a serious note: If you’ve never been on holiday to Devon then you’re missing out. I’ve never had a bad experience here and the wonderful meal and reception I’ve had here in Umberleigh tonight have only reinforced my affection for this county. Come to Devon: Whatever the weather, you’ll be warmly welcomed. (Blackpool take note).


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