Through the Night


Having experienced the Caledonian sleeper earlier in the week it seemed only fair that I spend my penultimate night on the ‘rival’ sleeper service – The Night Riviera from Penzance to London. 

The sleeper services really do hark back to a bygone era of rail travel. You sit in a lounge with your fellow passengers waiting for the special carriages to arrive in the station. When they do arrive (hauled by a ‘proper’ locomotive) you’re each greeted in person by your ‘host’ and walked to your cabin, where your host will talk you through how everything works. A few minutes later they return to take your breakfast order and alarm call time for the morning. You can then head to the saloon / bar carriage, where complementary drinks are served, and spend the evening planning what on earth you’re going to do tomorrow as the Cornish countryside hurries past the window.



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