Carol Singers

While I was waiting for my next train to board in London Euston station, a group of carol singers had set up shop underneath the departure boards. They were raising money for Marie Curie cancer care and had a number of volunteers wandering around the waiting travellers with buckets. They’d attracted quite a large audience which was, unfortunately, prone to a very rapid thinning-out every time a train to Birmingham New Street was announced. 

After about twenty minutes a man who’d been waiting with everyone else approached the singers and asked if they wanted a cup of tea or coffee. When getting the answer ‘yes’ he then proceeded to the nearest coffee shop in the station and brought drinks for all the carol singers to order – be it tea, coffee, cappuccino or hot chocolate. Bearing in mind there were over thirty carol singers, and this was station-priced coffee, he must have shelled out almost a hundred pounds on drinks for them. Having completed buying the round of drinks he wished them all ‘Merry Christmas’ and headed off to his train.




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