…and thanks for all the fish.

So this is it.

I’m writing this final entry as my train from York to Derby approaches Sheffield, the station at which I wrote the first entry in this blog what-seems-like three years ago. It’s been a remarkable week and I’ll admit I’m more than a bit tired. I seem to have a sense of trepidation as the train approaches Derby, almost a slight tinge of claustrophobia. For the past seven days it’s been possible for me to go anywhere at any time with only a moments notice. The thought of a final destination seems awfully…well…final.
This blog grew into a much bigger thing than I originally intended it to be and I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading it over the duration of my journey. I’m slightly concerned that I may have caused a dip in UK GDP on Tuesday and Wednesday when people who obviously should’ve been working were instead following my progress around the country.

There’s a fair bit I didn’t write about: The south coast (Brighton = good; Hastings = mostly good; Margate = oh dear), the Cumbrian coast (I’m concerned my views were too strongly influenced by the mode of transport) and fair chunks of the south west (sorry Bristol). Maybe next time. Having to keep you all updated on what was going on did at least help me (mostly) stave off the madness that may otherwise have set in.

What was the highlight? Well, there were a number. Some that stand out:

Places I need to go back to: Edinburgh, Kyle of Lochalsh, Liverpool, York.
Best journey: Definitely the line out to Kyle of Lochalsh.
Funniest moment: A few spring to mind but the winner has to be walking down a deserted promenade in Blackpool thinking ‘what on earth am I doing here?’.
Biggest surprise: How easy it was to get everywhere. In my whole journey I only encountered one real delay – and that was when I was asleep.

The train is now approaching Derby so I’d better upload this. I’m sure I’ll do this again some day (when work next let me out to play) but, for now, it’s been an experience.

I made one purchase from the National Railway Museum shop in York:

I’m sure it’ll be an interesting read…



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