York is a quiet, unassuming hamlet of a station that is served by one single-car train a day and doesn’t really have much of a connection to or with the rail industry in this country. Here is a photo:

In all seriousness, from the brief time I was there, York appears to be a fascinating place – the Venice of the North West – and is definitely going on the ‘weekend away’ list, which seems to have got quite a bit longer over the past week. 

Perhaps more relevant to this trip is the fact that York is home to the excellent National Railway Museum, which is well worth a visit if you’re ever in the area. I thought it was an appropriate place to have lunch before turning the ship around and making the final journey back to Long Eaton. There are an awful lot of locomotives to see in the museum covering railway development all the way from the humble beginnings to the present day. I hope they’ve set some space aside for a Pacer unit to occupy in a few years time. In one single action the development of the Pacer almost completely unravelled hundreds of years of rail industry progress. It must never be allowed to happen again and hence a single specimen must be preserved to act as a warning for future generations.  


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